Today, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of chaos 0.2.0

Here is an excerpt from the release notes, as taken from

General release notes

  • Fixed the bootup sequence to actually load cluido properly, from the ramdisk using the boot, virtual_file_system,fat and initial_ramdisk servers together. This item itself is worthy of its own story; I have blogged about it at great length here:
  • Changed bootloader from grub-legacy to GRUB 2, the current version of GNU GRUB. This helped in supporting the next bulletpoint, namely:
  • Made it possible to boot from a USB pen device. Just use cp (on Linux) or Rufus (on Windows) to write the .iso to the proper device and you should be able to boot it. Please, give it a try and share any feedback about this here in our GitHub repo!
  • Added CI building of Docker images on each push to master. Our image can be found here, and you should be able to run it by simply executing docker run -it chaosdev/chaos. (The container uses qemu under the hood, to simulate a physical machine.)